June 2, 2023

From the Helm

Greetings Everyone !
Hard to believe it’s June already. This year seems to be flying by, May is like a blur.  I think of June as the gateway to summer.
The boat yard is teaming with activity, everyone is eagerly working to get their to do list completed, then it’s launch day. That first boat ride of the year, there is nothing like it. We get to leave the world
behind at the dock and enter the world of life on the water. It doesn’t get any better than that.  “Care Free in 23” to steal the “2023” Commodore saying for the year, seems fitting when leaving the dock.
West River was busy in May, Lady Janice and I attended Commodore Balls for Maumee River, Detroit Beach and it was Fun times for All, but all balls are Fun Times. Maumee Rivers Ball is always on Derby Day. Sadly my horse didn’t win, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time.
West River also had our first Music Bingo day and our first hot dog roast of the summer instead of a membership meeting.  Again fun times for all.   We have another hot dog roast set up for June 19th at Waters Edge Marina at 6:00 P.M. So come on out and have some fun with fellow members. 
Lady Janice and I along with some fellow P.C.’s : Bob Lang and Dan Jaster attended the “Opening of the Port” Ceremony at Maumee River Yacht club. Great Day : Breakfast, Ceremony, Boat Ride with Food & Drinks, then Steak Dinner at Toledo Sail. Again Fun Times for All. 
June is going to be a fun month for West River. June 3rd is island fest parade, so come and join us. We have Fleet Captain Johns center console boat and this year P.C. George Marx and his “34” Ford.  June 9th, 10th, 11th is “Opening of the Island” Ceremony. Fish Fry at Sunseekers on Friday, Ceremony Saturday  at Ford and Dinner at Elba Mar, then Survivors get together on Sunday at Seaway.
June 19th will be our 2nd Hot Dog Roast of the summer. We had a good turn out for our 1st one, but I am hoping that all West River members come join us. 
Smokies on the Water and Waters Edge start the Free Outdoor Concerts in June. On June 22nd there is “Martinez”
then on the 29th is “Wisteria”  So Again Come on Out and Join Us.
So Until Next Time 
Be Safe but Have Fun

Commodore Charlie

From Mid-ship

I’m happy to say that there are many thank you’s within this months article!

Commodore Charlie’s free hot dog roast at Waters Edge Marina:  Yes, FREE!!!  It was great to see some of the members that we haven’t seen in awhile!  Thanks to Commodore Charlie for hosting this event, we look forward to the next one on Monday, June 19 at 6PM. Bring your favorite beverage, cooler and a chair.  Special thanks to Don Conroy for assisting with setting up, cooking and cleaning up. You are appreciated!

Music Bingo: 

If you didn’t attend you sure missed a fun night! We had a great turnout from WR members as well as a

surprise table of friends from Seaway Boat Club!  Be sure to reciprocate and visit Seaway sometime soon.

Thanks to Lori Stoddart for spinning the tunes and providing all the fun!  Smokies and the crew, you are very much apreciated!  Thanks to Vreeland Market on Allen Road in Woodhaven for providing some of the prizes and Smokies for the gift cards for this event.  We are considering another Name That Tune in late summer or early fall, stay tuned for details.

Wednesday’s:  Half off wine at Smokies.

Thursday’s 5PM to 7PM:  Stop in at Smokies for dinner.

They have Grooper and it is very good, inquire with your server. A taste of Florida without making the trip!

Island Fest Parade is on Saturday June 3rd at noon: WR is participating in the parade again this year.

You can ride in the trailered boat or enjoy a pleasant walk along side the boat.

You may donate a bag of wrapped candies to pass out to the kiddo’s, text or call Commodore Charlie to let him know at 734-558-5938.

A big thank you to Jon Allen for the use of his boat and Greg Philips for his truck.

Contact Commodore Charlie (734-558-5938) for the parade line up details. 

WR parade participants will be invited for pizza at Smokies after the parade.

“New” West River Tee Shirts are a steal at $15.00:  

They are going quickly. Everyone likes a fresh, new tee shirt. If you are interested in a new tee shirt, please

text or call P/C Dawn at 734-347-2085.

All members are encouraged to make event suggestions, support, and attend functions.

WR members who volunteer for events are always needed and very much appreciated.

Reminder to check out the amenities that are offered where our club is housed, as well as the great food

at Smokies.

V/C Michele Konarski

Cell: 734 552 8203

Fleet Captain

May has come in with lots of dry weather and only .9” of rain so far; this is well below the monthly average of 3.9”.  Also, it has been warmer than average. So, instead of wax on wax off in long johns, it has been shorts and a lot of sweat. 😊 In May, we had 21 days above the average temperature which is usually around 64F on May 1st and 75F on May 31st. In fact, ten days in May were in the 80’s.

In terms of local water levels, Lake Erie has been falling; it is down 1” from last year at this time.  And, the prediction is that it will be falling another 1  inch by the end of June. But, in contrast, lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron are up 3 to 6 inches from last year.  The rise in water levels in those lakes should keep Lake Erie at the same level since water does flow downhill.  As of the writing of this article, the water temperature off of Belle Isle is 58F, which is warm for this time of the year.

I hope everyone can make the Island Fest parade on June 3. 

F/C Jon Allen

From the Secretary

We have a “BOATER SAFETY CLASS” starting May 4, 11, 18, 25.  From 6 to 8pm at the Grosse Ile Police Station.

As a certified DNR Instructor I will be teaching the class along with Brent Mytych and Joe Conflitti who are both officers with the Wayne County Sheriff marine division.  We have space for 50 students and look forward to a full house.  If interested or you know someone who interested in the class please go to DNR website and register, here is the link;   //michigan.storefront.kalkomey.com/em/programs

I know there are a lot of folks that took a Boater Safety Class in the past and think they don’t need this class.  Well, this is a great refresher and the best thing is that the class is FREE.

Captain Bob Lang, PC and Secretary

I-LYA Delegate

I-LYA registration is now active for the summer powerboat regatta, here is the link to register for this fantastic event   I-LYA Powerboat Regatta Registration

You can come by boat or car, plenty of accommodations on the Island.  You can rent a house with fellow members and split the cost too!  Discounted dockage for regatta goers.   No excuse not to come and have a super awesome time!  

This is a fantastic regatta with on the water competitions, some fun competitive games on shore, food events and even some fun parties to attend.   Here is the tentative schedule for the regatta and as you can see it is packed with activities for everyone.  Winners receive flags as trophies that are flown proudly from their vessels and I have seen them flying from houses as well.  Points are collected from each participant and tallied for an overall score for each club with most participation points.  We have won the Participation Award many times in the past and it is very exciting (I would love for us to win this again).  It is a great feeling seeing all your club members sitting at the award ceremony wearing club shirts and cheering winners on from every club, what camaraderie!

Please come and join us for this fantastic week of boating fun.  If you have any questions about the regatta please feel free to reach out to me

P/C Dawn Shoemaker


AYC Delegate

No Report

AYC Delegate and Very Nice Guy Doug Mickels


Entertainment & Member at Large

BOAT US ~ GA80969Y

We encourage all members (new & old) to participate and volunteer in our fun events.  This is a great way to meet the members and build that boating family bond (that is super awesome)!  We have a fun event coming up this week and that event is the Islandfest Parade.  We have a boat and a classic car in the parade (how sweet is that),  we will be handing out safe boating coloring books to the kids, brochures to the adults and tossing candy too!  After the parade, we (West River parade participants) will be going to Smokies for some pizza.

We are half way through the year and still looking for a Rear Commodore, come September we will be in need of a Rear and a Vice (the club needs you).    I loved being rear, vice and commodore and I did this all with a full time job (it can be done).  I know it can be scary to take this leap, but believe me it is the best time of your life.    If you are interested please feel free to reach out to me. 

Events coming up: 

June 3rd – Islandfest Parade – wear your club shirt – officers wear your whites

Don’t forget about our members only areas on Facebook & our website.  Also, we have text messaging notifications.  You must sign up or register to be part of all these fantastic tools.  

P/C Dawn Lang Shoemaker