November 29, 2022

From the Helm

Elections were held on October 17, 2022, I would congratulate our incoming board:

Commodore:                       Charlie Mylnarski

Vice Commodore:              Michele Konarski

Rear Commodore:            TBA

Fleet Captain:                     John Allen

Secretary:                           P/C Captain Bob Lang

Fleet Captain:                     John Allen

Treasure:                            Janice Mylnarski

Member at Large:             P/C Dawn Lang Shoemaker

There will be many challenges that the Board will face. I wish them to work with our great members in their thoughts and decisions.

We will be having the Change of Watch and Christmas Celebration on December 5 at 6:PM, at Smokies on the Water.  Please come out and support you incoming board and enjoy our Christmas Celebration.   Member cost to be announced in an email. 

The original idea for work hours was to support Texas – Hold-Em, many other ideas for work hours have been discussed.  A decision by the board will happen at our November Board meeting and then presented to the membership in December.  Send your board members and myself your feelings on work hours. 

I have tickets for the AYC Commodore Ball the weekend February 18,2023 at Sheraton Hotel at the Metro Airport $50.00 per person.  I still have one AYC Ball Weekend Dinner Package February 17 – 19, 2023 $85.00 per person.

Commodore Daniel (Dan) Jaster

Commodore Elect

Lady Janice and I are excited to represent West River in 2023.  Looking forward to a great year.  If any one has any ideas on what we would like to do or see with the club let me know.  I am open to all suggestions so the club can have an exciting fun and prosperous year.

Commodore Elect Charlie Mlynarski

From the Rear

We are nearing the end of the year, time sure goes by quickly these days. However, on the other hand summer can’t arrive soon enough!

Name that Tune was a success! If you missed this one, we hope to hold another in the spring.

Kudos to Lori Stoddart for her Name That Tune expertise which provided a great evening! Surprising how many songs you actually know and how much fun you have with your team.

Special thanks to Smokies and the staff for their quick and friendly service!  A couple of Smokies staff members danced in the isles, simply pure entertainment! As you can tell, fun was definitely had by everyone both young and not so young!

Huge thank you to Bobbi, Bob, Dawn, Janice and Charlie for pitching in to clean our storage rooms!  Bobbi got new shelving unit. Bob and Charlie assembled the unit and then helped with the heavy items. We all pitched in and got the job done. (I sure hope I didn’t leave anyone out)  Everything in our storage rooms is once again organized and labeled.

Monday, December 5th  at 6PM is West River’s Christmas gathering, dinner, and Change of Watch. Looking forward to seeing everyone at this festive evening.

This is a good time for new members to mingle as well as observe the Change of Watch. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday, December 5th!

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and wonderful holiday season!

R/C Michele Konarski

Cell: 734 552 8203

Fleet Captain

October 2022 is ending and so is our 70 degree weather with the current daytime temperatures in the 60’s.  Typically, the average high temperature on October 1st is 68F and 55F on Oct 31st. Therefore, as of the writing of this article, we can anticipate 16 days at average or above and 15 days below average.  But, the worst part about October is the fact the days are getting shorter and shorter. Daylight savings time is November 6th, which means it will be dark by 6pm ☹.

If you need to check your safety regulations, you can go to .  This site also has survival tips and navigation tools.

In terms of local water levels, Lake Erie has dropped 14” from last year at this time, and it is going to drop another 3” by the end of November.  The water temperature off Belle Isle is 52F.

I hope to see all of you at the last meeting of the year, November 21st!

F/C Jon Allen

I-LYA Delegate

All members are encouraged to attend these wonderful weekends that we are associated with our membership.  Come on out and join us for this great weekend, spend some time with fellow club members and meet some new friends too. 

Fall meeting will be December 2nd-4th at the Doubletree in Westlake, Ohio.  Friday night kicks off with hospitality rooms and camaraderie.  Saturday is a very busy but informative day, there are several different meetings that you can attend for sail or power and also junior, yachtsman fund meeting, ladies luncheon, general meeting where you get information from all the above meetings, banquet and hospitality room will also be open.

Click on the link to get the hotel information and also register for the ladies luncheon and banquet.

Fall Meeting Information

Always a great time and very informative!

P/C Dawn Shoemaker






AYC Delegate and Nice Guy Doug Mickels


BOAT US ~ GA80969Y

→Ball Invites should be going out soon, please remember to RSVP by November 28th, cost is $30 per West River member, any non-member/guest will be $65 per person. 

→Christmas Party/ Change of Watch – December 5th, 6:00pm @ Smokies

→Membership Survey will be going out soon!  Please make sure to take the 2 minute survey. 

→Membership renewals have gone out.

Entertainment Chair Dawn 734-347-2085