August 14, 2022

From the Helm

Wow, the year is going so fast for Lady Barb and I, we are really enjoying our class of 22’s.  We have been busy with membership drives and Commodore Receptions.  If you haven’t had a chance to attend the Thursday night at Smokies on the Water.  Scott, told me Sunday they are going to kick up a lot the month of August, let’s support them because they support us with all they do.

We started out the moth at Swan Boat Club Commodore Reception on 7/2 at 1:22 PM.  Then at Ottawa River Yacht Club on 7/9 at 1:22PM outstanding time.  Then off to Elba Mar Boat Club Reception at 4:22 PM.  Then we all moved to the tent for EBMA days and Lady Rhoda present Lady Barb with a birthday cake and at least 50 people sang Happy Birthday, she has never had that many people celebrate her day.  Then we were of to Perrysburg Boat Club on 7/16 at 1:22 and then off to River View Yacht Club at

4:22 PM.  On 7/23 to Nugents Canal Yacht Club for another Commodore Reception another great time and then off to Monroe Boat Club, wow what another day.

Then Monday July 25 we at WRYCC held the AYC dinner meeting at Smokies on the Water and 72 showed up for dinner and 1 member was not interested in dinner.  I promised Smokies the average was 55 to 62 members Smokies kicked out of the waters.  I have received many emails telling me what a great time.

Then everyone was off to PIB and I hear a great time was had by all. 

If this get’s out I will be purchasing food for the Membership Appreciation on Friday, so you can still send me a late RSVP.  We   have 33 RSVP and maybe more coming.  Let’s rock the Pavilion on Sunday 8/7 with a dish to pass and guest are $10 form 1 – 4 PM. 

Commodore Daniel (Dan) Jaster

From the Rear

It is already August! Where did the time go?
Thursday nights Smokies continues their Summer Concerts on the lawn.
The last concert is on August 25th.
Toby Lee is coming to West River at Smokies on Saturday, September 25th.
This promises to be another good show and wonderful dinner. See Commodore Dan or Laura Allen for tickets.
We are looking for donations for a cooler of cheer for the Tobi Lee event. Contact me or Commodore Dan to donate.
This month, I would like to see how many members read the electronic WRYCC newsletter. 
(Current board members are excluded)
The first member to notice a typing/spelling error and sends me an email at will win a $10 Meijer gift card. (Wow, you can use the gift card for about 2 gallons of gas, or should I say Liquid Gold!)
The gift card will be presented at our next membership meeting. (You must be present at the next membership meeting to receive the gift card.)
Hang on to sumner as long as we can!

Rear Commodore Michele Konarski








Jon Allen, Fleet Captain

I-LYA Delegate

Another great powerboat regatta in the books!   I have been coming to these regattas since I was a little girl and I have seen changes to the landscape and the event, but one thing remains the same, It is my favorite summer regatta to attend.  This year we had over 300 people registered with the regatta, we were able to meet up with so many old friends and we even had the chance to meet a few new ones too!  

I had the opportunity to play in the corn hole tournament, volleyball game, be the ballast in the dinghy races for our F/C Jon Allen, assisted with the junior powerboat program, went to the ladies luncheon, the IOBG cocktail party, the Opening Ceremony for the regatta & the I-LYA Commodore’s cocktail party, the Commodore’s brunch,  rum party, spaghetti dinner, taco night, steak roast, and hot dog roast.  I was also cheering my friends on in the competitions as they competed in various events.   Safe boating,  on the water competitions; such as chicane, docking, predicted log, teaching the kids all about compass navigation, chart reading, learning knots and safe boating skills while on the water, all while having fun.   This regatta is truly what a boating family is about!

The members who attended represented our club proudly.   We managed to just squeezed by with a 3rd place WIN for volunteering, congratulations go out to those who worked their fanny’s off.  WRYCC has always been an active part in the powerboat regatta and it is critical to our long term success that these events are well attended. 

If you were unable to attend this year please make an effort to attend next year.  Plenty of lodging on the Island (house, B&B’s, hotels).  Get a group to rent a house together and split the cost, it is honestly the best regatta around!

P/C Dawn Shoemaker

AYC Delegate

Members     72

HD Table        5

Clubs             21

Comm             6

Most of the meeting was taken up for the New Nominating Committee People.

Voted in:       Chris Davis

                        Phil Parter

                        Shannon Price

                         Ryan Razael

                         Pat Slee

Finance Report   Total – $16,915.94.  All clubs are pain in full.

Warm welcome to Julie Ames year book committee

Fleet Captain Report  4 Clubs in total for poker run with a total of 4209 miles by boat.

Bowling League   starts Sept 22.

Pool League  needs players starts in Sept.

Blue Gavel Meeting   Sept 15  7:00pm at Seaway 

AYC BALL  Clubs have room choices by Names.

I-LYA   93 boats have been registered so far. Enjoy the Regatta.

Next Meeting    Monroe Boat Club    August 22,2022

Doug Mickels         HD WRYCC


BOAT US ~ GA80969Y

 →Membership Appreciation Day -August 7th from 1:00 to 4:00pm under the pavilion behind Smokies.

→Nominations are coming up quickly for our 2023 bridge & board officers, if you are interested in being nominated for a position or if you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me.   Going through the chairs and becoming commodore of this great club three times has been such a great honor.  Join the ranks and be a part of our club history. 

Entertainment Chair Dawn 734-347-2085