April 14, 2024

Club Activities

Club activities include a very active presence at the I-LYA Powerboat Regatta, several rendezvous to various ports in Lakes Erie, St. Clair and Huron and usually at least two social events each month during the non-boating season. The highlight of the years activities is when the club honors the Commodore at what is considered by most to be the premier Commodores Ball in the area. With several membership meetings during the year and a full calendar of social and boating activities (the majority of which involve eating and drinking), new members are quickly assimilated into this friendly boating organization.

WRYCC has the best of both worlds to offer its members. While we enjoy all the amenities of a Clubhouse, we are not required to offset the cost in maintaining it. There is no monthly minimum which must be spent.


WRYCC offers dual, single and social membership status. Welcome to our family! We are honored that you chose us to enhance your boating experience and remember.